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Good links #3

Just one today, because I’m low on energy: To me the word schedule shrieks Constraint! Pressure! Restriction! Captivity! Limitation! The thought of a timetabled day fills me with claustrophobia and rebelliousness. But “a net for catching days”? That doesn’t sound … Continue reading

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A bit at a time

My goal for August was to focus more on creativity and, despite many challenges, I spent enough time on my sketchbook and papier-mâché to feel that I succeeded in getting my creative juices flowing again. They certainly aren’t flowing smoothly … Continue reading

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Pacing and priorities

The excuse I’ve been giving myself for not blogging is that I’m too busy doing things to write about them. And it’s true, the pace of change in my life at the moment is much faster than I’m used to … Continue reading

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‘Please, sir, I want some more.’*

One thing that self-help media for the chronically ill tells us over and over again is to focus on and celebrate what we can do and to accept our limitations. It’s not terrible advice, but there are times when the … Continue reading

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The dried eyeballs cure for hysteria

I’ve been really struggling to find an even keel mood-wise lately. I think it’s partly due to menopausal hormones and the natural process of dealing with those challenges, but perhaps it’s also a less welcome side effect of the Ferinject … Continue reading

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IV iron and left-handed drawing

I reached another milestone in my slow-moving self-managed healthcare review by having an intravenous infusion of Ferinject at the hospital day care unit this morning. The aim of this is to raise my rock-bottom serum ferritin level to mid-range in … Continue reading

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Making plans

After several weeks one thing after another, I have no spare capacity to absorb anything extra before Christmas. If I have to eat into my planned rest time to deal with yet another out-of-my-control event something else will have to … Continue reading

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