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Minor triumphs

Every year I say I’ll get Christmas preparations finished by a certain date and every year I fail for one reason or another. But this year I did it! Everything essential was done by the end of last week and, … Continue reading

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An accidental improvement in productivity

For many months my knitting has been gathering dust in a basket by my bed. At the beginning of autumn I tried to motivate myself to finish the current pair of socks with the thought that if I did just … Continue reading

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Under the weather

September hasn’t brought the bright crisp autumnal days I was looking forward to. Instead it’s mostly been warm, muggy, overcast and airless. Except when it’s cold, damp, overcast and airless. There has been the odd spell of bright, fresher weather … Continue reading

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A bit at a time

My goal for August was to focus more on creativity and, despite many challenges, I spent enough time on my sketchbook and papier-mâché to feel that I succeeded in getting my creative juices flowing again. They certainly aren’t flowing smoothly … Continue reading

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Summer sketchbook

July was mostly filled with preparing for visitors, enjoying their presence and clearing up afterwards. It was another big milestone in my recovery process and it all went remarkably well. Once that excitement was over I started on my plan … Continue reading

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Pacing and priorities

The excuse I’ve been giving myself for not blogging is that I’m too busy doing things to write about them. And it’s true, the pace of change in my life at the moment is much faster than I’m used to … Continue reading

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Measuring progress with a strimmer

I’m aware that my health has improved since I had my Ferrinject treatment last year, but it’s really hard to quantify what “feeling better” means. While I make up my mind whether buying a Fitbit or similar device would be … Continue reading

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