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Sustainably Creative-style adventures

As the Sustainably Creative forum is not currently open to new members, here’s an edited version of what I wrote there about tiny adventures for anyone striving to be adventurous within the limitations of illness: (You can listen to the … Continue reading

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A tiny adventure

In one of last week’s podcasts Michael Nobbs started exploring ideas for tiny adventures. Through the years of illness I’ve learnt to spin a lot out of very little, so I added some of my ideas to the discussion thread … Continue reading

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Good Links #1

To ease myself back into blogging I decided to create a series of posts with links to some of the things that I particularly enjoy as I ramble about the internet. I don’t like regular commitments, so posts will be … Continue reading

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Minor triumphs

Every year I say I’ll get Christmas preparations finished by a certain date and every year I fail for one reason or another. But this year I did it! Everything essential was done by the end of last week and, … Continue reading

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An accidental improvement in productivity

For many months my knitting has been gathering dust in a basket by my bed. At the beginning of autumn I tried to motivate myself to finish the current pair of socks with the thought that if I did just … Continue reading

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Beginnings x 3

It’s the start of a new month, a new week and, as it’s now a year since my last period, I’m declaring it the start of my Cronehood, my age of wisdom. For some reason the thought of being an … Continue reading

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A dip in the sea

One good thing about the spell of hot weather is that it warmed the sea up enough to make the thought of swimming in it seem appealing. Most of my good ideas never get further than my mind, but last … Continue reading

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