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Do some writing

Lying in bed first thing this morning feeling grateful that I’d slept away yesterday’s ghastly migraine and pondering the day ahead, I asked myself “What can I do to make today better than yesterday?”. The no-hesitation answer my mind gave … Continue reading

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Bessie’s parents Thomas and Mary Bridle (nee Mary Ann Courtney) were born in the parishes of Bradford Peverell and Charminster respectively. I can see an image of their marriage certificate on Ancestry (how amazing is that?!). On 22 May 1862 … Continue reading

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Establishing boundaries

Much as I’m enjoying my family history research, I’m struggling to organise my discoveries into a format that will make them accessible and interesting to others. Or even useful to my future self. My memory is nowhere near as good … Continue reading

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Family history

Thanks to the internet and my sister-in-law’s Ancestry account I’ve learnt a lot more about my family history than I could have known if I had to rely on family memory. But still my knowledge is merely a collection of … Continue reading

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I didn’t predict that!

I wrote my last post in the glorious anticipation of having at least four 8:30 – 3:30 days free of next door neighbour noise ahead of me. It didn’t happen and I don’t know when or whether that routine will … Continue reading

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The big change I mentioned is that I have new next-door neighbours and, at the time I wrote my last post, I was revelling in the huge reduction in noise pollution. The new people are a teacher and her son, … Continue reading

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Here’s one I wrote earlier

This is going well isn’t it? Once again, good intentions get smashed on the rocks of reality. There has been a big change in my life since I last posted. It’s a good (a very good) change. But it’s taking … Continue reading

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