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Here’s one I wrote earlier

This is going well isn’t it? Once again, good intentions get smashed on the rocks of reality. There has been a big change in my life since I last posted. It’s a good (a very good) change. But it’s taking … Continue reading

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I suppose it’s a law of blogging that the longer it is since your last post the more difficult it is to write another. Having composed at least three thousand “not quite witty and erudite enough” pieces in my mind, … Continue reading

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Autumn creativity

Last night while I was looking at some lovely and very expensive Christmas garlands in a magazine it occurred to me that perhaps I could use some of the tired old hop vine stems in my garden to make the … Continue reading

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Drawing August

When Concretemoomin mentioned #DrawingAugust a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a good opportunity to a) restart my drawing practise, b) thoroughly test my new occupational varifocals and c) have another go at that “little and often” thing … Continue reading

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Sustainably Creative-style adventures

As the Sustainably Creative forum is not currently open to new members, here’s an edited version of what I wrote there about tiny adventures for anyone striving to be adventurous within the limitations of illness: (You can listen to the … Continue reading

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A tiny adventure

In one of last week’s podcasts Michael Nobbs started exploring ideas for tiny adventures. Through the years of illness I’ve learnt to spin a lot out of very little, so I added some of my ideas to the discussion thread … Continue reading

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Good links #3

Just one today, because I’m low on energy: To me the word schedule shrieks Constraint! Pressure! Restriction! Captivity! Limitation! The thought of a timetabled day fills me with claustrophobia and rebelliousness. But “a net for catching days”? That doesn’t sound … Continue reading

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