Do some writing

Lying in bed first thing this morning feeling grateful that I’d slept away yesterday’s ghastly migraine and pondering the day ahead, I asked myself “What can I do to make today better than yesterday?”. The no-hesitation answer my mind gave was “Do some writing”. And I knew it meant want-to-write writing, not the should-ought-must kind…

So I did an hour or so of my memoir-writing project. Mostly just getting some of the backlog of handwritten notes onto the computer and doing a bit of editing. Limbering up after a break.

Now I’m writing my first blog post for months. And maybe my last for more months, I’m inclined to be over-optimistic.

So why the pause this time? Mainly because my cat became very ill at the beginning of November last year and after a few weeks of reprieve, I had to make the dreaded decision to have her euthanised. That was really, really grim. At the same time I had to deal with a health scare of my own. Then Christmas, then HRT problems, then… well basically I was too depressed and ill to give much of a shit about anything.

Thankfully things have got better. For the past couple of months HRT has been doing what it’s supposed to with no nasty side-effects, so I’m getting more sleep and generally coping better with everything. I found a format for my memoir-writing that is working for me. I may never show it to anyone else, but it’s good to have something to keep going back to.

My family history research goes on erratically and I read voraciously, but at this time of year most of my spare energy goes on gardening and photography. That said, maybe my next post will be another about my ancestors. The more I read, the more my interest grows.

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