I didn’t predict that!

I wrote my last post in the glorious anticipation of having at least four 8:30 – 3:30 days free of next door neighbour noise ahead of me. It didn’t happen and I don’t know when or whether that routine will resume. I’ve whinged enough about it on Twitter, so all I’ll say here is that it really underlined what a difference it makes to have predicable times when I know I won’t have to listen to TV, conversation, hoover-whine etc leaking through the paper-thin walls.

It’s harder to plan my activities and rest periods around unpredictable events, but I’ve recovered from last week’s fatigue-and-crushed-hopes induced meltdown and readjusted my expectations. I know that a lot of my tetchiness is due to the illness rather than the actual noise level, so I just have to accept it and get on with making the best of what I’ve got. It’s all quiet next door this evening, so I’m grabbing the opportunity to write.

If I’m going to keep on blogging I don’t want it all to be about my bloody health problems though, so here’s a photo I took at the beach yesterday. The weather was perfect and I needed a break, so I abandoned my to-do list in favour of going to see, smell and hear the sea. It always makes me feel better.

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