Autumn creativity

Last night while I was looking at some lovely and very expensive Christmas garlands in a magazine it occurred to me that perhaps I could use some of the tired old hop vine stems in my garden to make the foundation for a home-made wreath. This afternoon, with uncharacteristic speed, I put thought into action.

Goodness me, it was such a pleasure! The hops are rather manky-looking, but still pliable enough to work with. As I pulled the stems free of the apple tree the crushed flowers released a delicious brewery-scent into the damp autumnal air. I twisted the strands into a loose rope, then twisted that into a circle using the plant pot as a form. It all came together beautifully, which I hope is a good omen.

hop garland  - 1

My plan is to leave the circlet on the pot until it is fully dry, hoping it will keep its shape. When it’s ready I’ll have a think about how to decorate it. Perhaps I’ll wind some strands of ivy round it, or attach pine cones and bows, or go for tinsel and glitter. Add bright colours or keep to natural tones? What about fairy lights? We’ll see.

Maybe it’ll just sit there in the shed, another addition to my catalogue of unfinished projects. But whether I finish the wreath or not, the memory of the fun I had starting it this afternoon will remain a treasure.

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4 Responses to Autumn creativity

  1. Julie Riebe says:

    Great idea! I hope you’ll post a photo of them once you put them on display.

  2. alcsmith says:

    Lovely. I hope you are not suffering today from your adventure. I have been thinking of doing a wreath myself as our front door has a nail ready placed. I just don’t get wreaths!

    I’m trying a new approach to my planning that’s a little more relaxed. Instead of planning tasks for the week, I have ‘themed’ days of the week, so e.g. Monday is writing & grooming Bobby, Tuesday is admin, Wednesday is housework and art, etc… The couple of weeks I’ve done of this so far have worked well, as it means I am committing to doing more of the good stuff and putting less focus on getting through a to do list of ‘chores’. I still of course have my basics that I need to do each day.

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