Good Links #1

To ease myself back into blogging I decided to create a series of posts with links to some of the things that I particularly enjoy as I ramble about the internet. I don’t like regular commitments, so posts will be as and when I’ve got both the energy and the inclination.

Here is today’s very random selection of Good Links:

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme’s two-part tribute to Jane Grigson marking the 25th anniversary of her death. “Good Things” by Jane Grigson is one of the books I pick up for a bit of comfort reading when I’m feeling glum. It’s available new and used from good and bad booksellers.

An article by Oliver Sacks in the New York Times about mishearings. I wholly admire his spirit in turning the misfortune of increasing deafness into an opportunity for scientific contemplation.

A blog post about Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem” which is a special favourite of mine. The song is a beautifully rendered reminder that imperfection is our natural state. Here’s the original version:

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4 Responses to Good Links #1

  1. alcsmith says:

    Nice to see you blogging again. I shall explore the links later, especially looking forward to listening to Leonard Cohen.

  2. Loved that Oliver Sacks article! I have a little bit of minor hearing loss myself (nerve damage from childhood illness), so I mishear things all the time myself, especially in noisy environments. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for that.

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