An accidental improvement in productivity

knittingFor many months my knitting has been gathering dust in a basket by my bed. At the beginning of autumn I tried to motivate myself to finish the current pair of socks with the thought that if I did just 2 or 3 rounds most days I’d have a new pair of socks for Christmas. I finished sock one and started sock two.

I was pleased with my progress, but it felt a bit too much like work. Every time I lay down for a rest I’d be aware of it as a chore to be done. Not much pleasure or relaxation in that. I did not knit every day.

Then, one evening last week I took sock two downstairs so I could knit while I chatted to a visiting friend and it got left on the kitchen table. Since then I’ve been knitting a row or two in those odd little spaces of time when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil or the popty ping to heat my wheat bags. It no longer feels like a chore – it’s a game to see how much I can knit in two minutes and a distraction from my usual habit of snacking while waiting for domestic appliances to do their thing.

I’m intrigued by the fact that by simply changing the place where I keep my current knitting project, I’ve rekindled my motivation to work on it, made it pleasurable again and found a way of breaking a bad habit. Hopefully my hips will grow smaller as my sock grows bigger!

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