A turn for the better

A happy conjunction of better weather, a respite from hot flushes and a foul bout of IBS that made me reform my diet (again) has perked me up no end over the last two or three weeks. Looking back a month to my plea for more, I feel that I have been granted it, though not exactly in the way that I envisaged.

I’ve done very little of my creative writing and certainly haven’t been doing any daily creative exercises, but I have been gardening! As much and as often as I can, which has turned out to be quite a lot thanks to the fact that I’ve been getting a reasonable amount of fairly good quality sleep. It has been wonderful to see tangible progress in the garden and to feel the benefits of outdoor exercise in spring sunshine.

Even the fact that it’s taken me a good two weeks to do what I would once have done in a weekend hasn’t dampened my pleasure in my achievements. They may be small by “normal” standards, but they are big in my current state of health. I’m so grateful for the circumstances that have made my feel that me plea for more was granted. My weight has gone down a bit too, so I have joy in less as well!

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