Spring fever

The weather has changed for the better over the last few days and my priorities have changed too. I want to be outside as much as possible, doing a little work in the garden, chatting to my neighbours over the fence, sitting watching the birds and enjoying going shopping without wearing a coat.

The air smells wonderful, full of sweet freshness. Everywhere I look there are early flowers and fresh green shoots. Buds are beginning to break, the grass is growing and an occasional bumble bee buzzes by. The birdsong is cheerful, the evenings lighter and life feels full of promise.

I feel as though I’m unfolding again, the gloom that enveloped me in February has sloughed off and I’m making wildly optimistic plans for the garden. Writing no longer seems important. I refuse to feel guilty about slacking off so soon after I got going with it again. Things change and that’s OK.

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