A better dream

Another “house” dream last night. This time I was moving into a new house – a big and beautiful place with many rooms and interesting features (I particularly liked the “pantry” annexe off the kitchen with its massive old pine dresser). I was to share the house with other people, but this time I was very much In Charge.

In one scene I heard loud music coming from the conservatory – band practise! The band were friends of one of my new housemates and I requested an immediate cessation of noise. They complied without complaint. I wandered around the house making plans for alterations, room use and redecoration. Someone was cooking a meal at a big Aga-type stove in the kitchen. I tasted the soup and gave directions about serving the food.

It was much nicer waking up from that than the party invasion nightmare! So, will it come true too? Not literally, I shouldn’t think, but maybe it signals a shift from feeling utterly powerless to more powerful in my life. Time will tell – on the face of it nothing has changed this week to make me feel more positive about the future. In fact, with news of a elderly friend’s death and another friend having tests to see if her cancer is spreading, plus various domestic irritations and my own health issues, there’s plenty of weight on the negative side.

On the plus side: daffodils, snowdrops and crocus flowering in the garden; a thoughtful care package in the post from a friend and other kindnesses; the noisy neighbours have been out a bit more; the weather has been been better; I’ve managed to do a bit of creative writing most days; the optician has agreed to change the lenses in my new sunglasses because I don’t like the colour free of charge; I’m sleeping a teeny bit better. And last night I had a cheering dream…

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