Slowing down again

I did really well with the increased level of activity I mentioned in my last post. I achieved everything I planned and dealt with a few unexpected events as well. But… although I didn’t crash and burn, I was feeling somewhat overstretched by Sunday night.

Avoiding the temptation to push on regardless, I booked a supermarket delivery so that after enjoying tea and chat with a friend on Monday morning I could step back into unplanned time again. Obviously I had to deal with the groceries when they arrived, but that wasn’t a big deal.

I feel a bit frustrated that I couldn’t keep the increased momentum up, but it’s a useful reminder not to be greedy. I’ve got two big exciting things to do – collecting my new glasses and getting a SIM card for my new-to-me iPhone, but both can be left until next week and it’s nice to have them to look forward to.

For now I need to prioritise rest, catching up on things at home and settling my gut which is beginning to protest after too many carb-heavy snacky meals. I’m feeling more lively tonight after two days of mostly lying down and grateful that my symptoms are at warning level rather than severe.

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2 Responses to Slowing down again

  1. Marigold, that sounds great that you were able to notice being overstretched. I think being able to know the warning signs and RESPOND to them is key. I’m still working on the not being frustrated too 🙂

    My dizzy spells seem to have finally stopped, Bizarrely after an evening in the pub. I also had a terrible night’s sleep, no doubt due to the couple of drinks I had. More interesting for me, was noticing that the day after my energy wasn’t too bad but the day after that I felt awful. I wonder, if I had properly rested the day before, despite not feeling too bad, whether I would have kept my energy levels more even. In which case the warning sign would be the terrible night, regardless of how I felt that day. If that makes any sense!

    • Thanks Alison, sadly I didn’t respond enough and now feel wrecked. A very quiet weekend is required methinks!

      Good to hear that your dizzy spells have stopped. I too find it hard to rest on days when I feel better than I “should”. I think once adrenaline kicks in when I’m overtired it takes a long time to come down from it. All we can do is try to be aware of the warnings, and be prepared to slow down when the reaction sets in.

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