More good things

Since yesterday’s post I’ve thought of a couple more post-Ferinject improvements:

11. My gut functions a lot better now I’m not taking oral iron. What a joy that is!

12. I’m saving money, partly by not paying for cleaning and food delivery, but also because I’m able to cook and eat more frugally than when my prime consideration had to be conserving my energy.

Possibly some of the benefits I’ve listed are due wholly or partly to the fact that I had a good rest over Christmas. Also I kept my diary completely clear for January so that I could live entirely at my own pace. Having no commitments meant that I’ve able to test my new energies without having to worry about whether I’ll be well enough for prearranged events.

Pushing myself a bit without dire consequences has boosted my confidence to the extent that I’ve put three things in my diary between now and next Monday. My desire to get on with life has superseded my need for a whole month of total rest and retreat!

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5 Responses to More good things

  1. Masses of good luck with the three things and…I can’t fully express how HAPPY i am for you that the iron seems to be helping! Its just totally fantabulous and I’m sending positive vibes your way in the hope that this improvement continues. Wowzers…
    Heh, and Im going to try taking 2mls of oral iron twice a day instead of one 3ml dose in the hopes that my body will accept it. GP says my iron levels aren’t (or weren’t) low enough for our hospital to accept my wonky digestive system as a reason for an infusion. Isn’t the NHS wonderful?

    • Thanks Sand!

      My serum ferritin was 30ug/L & my Hb 133g/L (both “normal” according to the guidelines) when I was referred to the haemotologist. I found Floravital (yeast-free version of Floradix) and Spa-tone easier to tolerate that iron tablets, but oral treatments were drops in the ocean compared to the Ferinject effect for me. Of course that’s just my experience and IV iron isn’t suitable for everyone. It’s important to do your own research and get medical advice before having any treatment.

      • Before I tried and had the awful reaction to iron tablets I was using Spatone because they were all I could tolerate. Now even a bit of molasses kicks my bowel off 😦
        Glad you were able to figure out what would work for you.

  2. alcsmith says:

    I hope upping the activity levels went ok. Sounds like you’re really making progress. Making me wonder if I should try iron tablets. Since childhood I’ve had my iron levels tested cos I often looked anaemic but they were always ok.

    Re the exercise, would the GP refer you for physio/rehab? That way you would be able to work out an appropriate plan. Or if not, if you can afford, pay to see someone. Even a 1:1 yoga session with someone who does remedial yoga can help – when I did that it became clear that the gentle yoga i was doing was still too much! I had my first appt with NHS physio last week & I have some exercises to do for my neck, but they are literally tiny movements 2-3 times a day or alternate days to start with.

    • Thanks Alison – yes, my busy few days have gone well 🙂 I’m slowing down for a few days now though as I was beginning to feel a little ragged. Still, it’s good to test my boundaries and I think I have slowed down in time to avoid an actual crash.

      My GP is going to refer me for physio in a couple of months time if I feel I need it.

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