After the rain

after the rain

After the rain, the sun will come out and sparrows will bathe in puddles.

After yet another dreary morning of wind and rain the other day, it seemed like too much effort to go out for a walk when it cleared up in the afternoon. But I talked myself into my coat and out the door to be rewarded not only with the expected pleasures of fresh air, sunshine and blue sky, but also the joyous sight of a small flock of sparrows splashing in a sparking pool.

I’m still getting used to my new Ferrinject-increased energy level and gradually increasing my physical activity to improve muscle tone and strength. It’s going to be a slow process, but that’s OK because I feel that I’m now going forward not backwards, which is a pretty nice start to a new year!

The bathing sparrows feel like a symbol of something I can’t quite put into words. Either I don’t need to or my brain is too addled from the entirely undeserved migraine I had this morning…

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6 Responses to After the rain

  1. alcsmith says:

    Glad you’re still noticing an improvement.

    The sparrows seem to me to be valuing what is. I am grateful that needing to walk Bobby means I go out whatever the weather. On a very wet and windy New Year’s Day morning it would have been too easy to stay indoors if not for him. With waterproofs on, we had a good walk. The only thing I don’t like is coming back into the house and stripping off wet clothing. That seems to be more tiring than anything else.

    • Thanks Alison. Must admit I’m mostly taking my walks when it isn’t too wet or windy as I haven’t got appropriate gear and, as you say, putting it all on and taking it off seems more tiring than the actual exercise. I’d love t go swimming occasionally, but the thought of getting changed before and afterwards puts me off.

      Valuing what is has been in my mind in another context lately – trying to reframe the noise my neighbours make as “evidence that my hearing is good” rather than an intolerable irritation. It’s working reasonably well for happy noise… šŸ™‚

  2. Tamara Epps says:

    Happy New Year Marigold.

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