Making plans

After several weeks one thing after another, I have no spare capacity to absorb anything extra before Christmas. If I have to eat into my planned rest time to deal with yet another out-of-my-control event something else will have to go. That will be extremely annoying because I’ll have to forgo the seasonal pleasures I’m looking forward to in favour of dealing with the absolute necessities.

My plan is to take a complete break from everything over Christmas and New Year and I don’t want to start the holiday knackered, so I’ll be prioritising and pacing ferociously during the next three weeks. I’ve postponed a couple of things I really wanted to get done this year until January which is a pain in the arse as I don’t want to start the new year facing a load of boring stuff left over from this year, but that’s how it goes. I can only do what I can do.

long tailed titsI have included some pleasurable activities on my December To Do list and I’ll be keeping my beady eye open for unexpected treats (like seeing a group of long-tailed tits on the feeders) so it won’t be all drudgery, but I will need to be pretty self-disciplined.

Thankfully the ten days without my laptop seems to have been enough to cure my mindless net-surfing habit. The day I got it back I did succumb to my bad ways, but the gruesome headache I had the next day hammered home the message that too much screen time is bad for me!

I’m still processing all the lessons that my enforced internet fast offered me. At the moment my focus is on the realisation of how much I have lost confidence in my ability to do practical tasks that I used to tackle with ease. Understanding that reason for procrastination has been very helpful. I’m gradually pushing through my anxieties about making mistakes and getting my knitting, sewing and unblocking-drains groove back.

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2 Responses to Making plans

  1. Tamara Epps says:

    I hope your pacing and resting goes well, and that you are able to start the new year with a little more energy and the few skills you have picked up this year (such as pacing and not procrastinating on the internet – both things I am also practicing).

    • Thanks Tamara – hope your plans for the festive season go well too. I feel I’ve got off to a bad start today with a migraine, but I have booked my Christmas grocery delivery so that’s the most essential task done 🙂

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