Improve your productivity – get a worse computer

Of course I knew I wasted a lot of time faffing about on the internet, but this week has forced me to face up to just how much of my life I squander on aimless net-surfing. It’s embarrassing and, even more cringeworthily, every so often I find myself aching to get my laptop back so I can indulge in what is clearly addictive behaviour again.

My MacBook expired completely on Saturday night from complications due to cocoa-contamination and I spent Sunday and Monday completely internet-free, before it occurred to me to try and get my old iMac going again. Thank goodness I hadn’t got around to decluttering that! It does work, but is painfully s…..l…….o……..w.

Thankfully that very slowness is forcing me to make better decisions about what I look at. Or maybe waiting half a minute for a page to load gives me time to realise that I really don’t give a toss about what I’ve mindlessly clicked to see. Perhaps if I had to pay 10p when I click a link I’d be more choosy. As it is, waiting even 20 seconds makes me conscious that every click costs me time.

I’m seriously considering deleting all my bookmarks when I’m back using a faster machine. I’m a demon Googler, so I’m confident that I’d be able to find anything that I really missed again. At the very least I’ll be having a massive declutter when I restore everything from my backup.

I wouldn’t really recommend trying to be more productive by replacing a fast computer with a slow one, but I’m grateful to have this enforced change of pace to reflect on my behaviour and habits. No doubt I’ll resume some of my bad old ways as soon as I have the RAM to do so, though I hope I will retain some of the lessons I’m currently learning!

As well as pondering all that philosophical stuff and doing my usual domestic and (real life) social activities, I’ve made good progress with a stalled knitting project, meditated more, enjoyed reading the Sunday papers in print for a change (wincing a bit at the cost though!), cleaned and tidied the house myself when my cleaner let me down, got my accounts up to date and restarted my hand-written journal. I feel more in control of my life and that is very nice indeed.

Michael Nobbs is currently running a ten things a day decluttering challenge on Sustainably Creative. How about decluttering ten bookmarks or subscriptions if you don’t feel up to dealing with physical stuff? Or maybe even choose ten of each and delete all the others!

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One Response to Improve your productivity – get a worse computer

  1. alcsmith says:

    It’s good to see you back and that you’ve had a good week. My scheduling exercise has definitely shown me that less online time means more time and energy for doing other things I love. Interestingly, my iPad usage went up Wed/Thurs this week because I ended up with an adrenaline kick after Wed went a bit crazy. In turn I did less rewarding read (i.e. a good book) and ended up with pain from back to head and the last 2 nights have been disturbed by pain. So mindful, slow usage of iPad is called for.

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