Supermarket home delivery

Getting my groceries delivered is a bit of a mixed pleasure really as I’d much rather do my own shopping. But still, while my health is so poor it’s good to know that the cheery man from Sainsbury’s will be at my door first thing tomorrow morning with my week’s groceries.

So far I’ve had excellent service from Sainsbury’s. Perishable items have long use-by dates, fruit and veg is nearly always up to the standard I’d choose myself and the delivery has never arrived later than 20 minutes after the beginning of my allocated time-slot. The few problems that have occurred have been rectified promptly and courteously – for example one cracked egg in a box resulted in a full refund and I still had five good eggs to use.

I have winced a bit at paying the delivery cost (it’s pretty high if your total spend is under £40), but it’s been well worth what it saves me in energy and stress. I suspect that it also saves me quite a bit on impulse buys. I had planned to stop using the service as soon as my health picks up again, but last week Sainsbury’s sent me an irresistible “pay in advance” offer. So I’ll carry on enjoying the benefits of home delivery and spend the energy saved on other activities.

I still pop into other supermarkets from time to time to buy things I like or want to have that Sainsbury’s don’t stock, but it’s a big relief to know that ten or fifteen minutes clicking will ensure that I have all that I need delivered to my front door. Indeed, they will cheerfully carry everything into the kitchen if asked, but I like to keep a tiny bit of independence so I carry the bags though the house myself.

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2 Responses to Supermarket home delivery

  1. Tamara Epps says:

    I don’t use home delivery all the time, only when I know I need to restock my cupboards with a lot of bulky and heavy foods (such as tins and pasta), and lately, when I need some frozen ready meals as the shops I can get to don’t seem to have any vegetarian ones. I’ve never really had a problem with any supermarket, though Sainsburys is almost always early and is the only one to ever forget something (for which they ‘refunded’ me with a voucher). Tesco sends an email after with the price comparison and a voucher if you could have saved elsewhere. It has to be said that Asda is my favourite as there is a much larger choice of vegetarian food available, they always deliver on time and they also do a price comparison and send a voucher if you didn’t save over 10% on your shopping.

    • I was about to sign up for the Sainsbury’s pay-in-advance offer this afternoon when I noticed that the minimum spend is £40 rather than their usual minimum of £25. That makes it a rather less tempting prospect. More mulling over needed!

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