Listening to the weather

I spend a lot of time resting on my bed. I don’t necessarily need sleep, just a period of rest from physical activity. It can get a bit boring and I often distract my mind with an audio book or the radio, especially when there’s a lot of neighbour-noise to contend with.

But sometimes the neighbourhood is relatively free from man-made sounds and I’m relaxed (or exhausted) enough to simply lie and listen to the wind or the rain, or, on rare and special occasions, the sound of snow-melt dripping off the roof. Snowfall itself has a special sound, particularly at night – a complete hush that is a treasured luxury these days.

At times the roar of the wind in the chimney or the gush and splatter of rainwater overflowing gutters can be as disruptive as the buzz of lawnmowers or the thud of football on fence, but when it’s just right listening to the weather is comforting and peaceful.

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4 Responses to Listening to the weather

  1. Tamara Epps says:

    This is such a beautiful post. While I am glad we haven’t had snow yet where I am, I love listening to the rain on the window. I’ve also found burning some incense while I rest can help me relax (and give me something to look at if my mind starts whirring).

  2. After a day of unsuccessfully resting during my week away last week, the following morning I walked, had a bath, stretched, and then I opened my lovely tall bedroom window, pulled the armchair close, and sat with my eyes closed listening to the wind in the huge trees outside. That was truely resting.

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