Windfall apples


My neighbours have a big old apple tree which overhangs my garden and provides me with an abundant crop of delicious fruit during the last quarter of the year. I’ve been gathering windfalls for several weeks already and there are many more still to come.

I can’t eat all the apples that fall on my side of the fence and they are too wormy to store for long, so I chop up the good parts and stew them to freeze. Today I swapped some for a bag of locally-foraged chestnuts. I love free food! Energy constraints mean I can’t do anything like as much growing and foraging as I’d like, but some is better than none.

The last few apples still clinging on in the new year become a feast for the blackbirds. It’s a truly joyous sight to see a blackbird pecking away at a golden apple at the top of the tree on a bright frosty morning. In fact it’s pretty joyous just seeing the fruit hanging on the leafless branches like Christmas baubles.

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