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Moodling round Pinterest is a pleasantly undemanding (if slightly addictive) way to occupy myself when my mind needs occupation and my body needs rest. It took me a while to really get into it, but now I find it invaluable for storing visual reminders and going on an Artist’s Date from my bed.

As social media it’s proved to be a great place to share and discuss drawings made by people taking Michael Nobbs “Drawing Our Lives” course. It’s lovely when fellow course members like or comment on my drawings, but I must admit to getting a special thrill when a complete stranger repinned a drawing of mine onto one of her boards!

My Pinterest account is here.

And the Drawing Our Lives board on Michael’s account is here.

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1 Response to Pinterest

  1. Had to smile when you mentioned the word addictive 😉
    I find it really therapeutic when my insomnia’s bad as it occupies me without engaging my brain. Its a bit like meditating really.
    I introduced it to mum a few weeks back and shes as addicted as I am now! Its proving really helpful for her whilst shes so ill though. She’s made a board to record all the places we/shes been and its helping her mood.
    (I agree its a lovely feeling when somebody repins something you’ve created. Its a good boost.)

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