Homemade soup in a handmade bowl

Several times a week I eat a meal from this handmade ceramic bowl* that I bought in Stockholm in 1989. It’s the perfect shape and size for a side salad or a serving of soup, casserole or curry.

The pleasure of using the bowl has never faded – in fact I think it grows with the passing years. Comfort food is even more comforting when eaten from long-cherished crockery which connects me to a younger, stronger, braver self.

Do you have comfort crockery?

*The bowl is signed “Bage” and assume (hope!) that means that it’s the work of Gertrud Båge, though her style is very different today.

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6 Responses to Homemade soup in a handmade bowl

  1. What a lovely bowl! Yes, i know what you mean exactly. Its only in the past year that I’ve realised the small joys that having regularly used aesthetically pleasing things around you can give and made more effort to find them. We’ve some glassware and mugs, but I’m still hunting for a really lovely dinner service…

  2. I have 2 extra-large mugs that I used to have my one coffee in. Now I don’t have coffee I use them more just generally. One has pigs on it – I used to collect piggy stuff, one dayI will have a pet one – and the other is a latte mug with yellow and green stripes like a stick of rock.

  3. wendmoo2013 says:

    Made bowls at a ceramics class. Not fancy but love them still.I’m

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