A November diversion

I’m tired of being ill and tired of thinking about illness, of managing it, living with it and writing about it. So this month I’m giving* myself a little blogging challenge that has nothing to do with being poorly and focuses on the happier aspects of my life.

Each weekday(ish) I’ll publish a short post about something that gives me pleasure. Mostly it will just be a quotation, an image or a link to a blog that I enjoy, but hopefully my own creativity will spark at times and I’ll have something original to share.

Today I give you this poem by Nancy Wood which is a beautiful reminder to me that everything has its season and purpose.

You shall ask
What good are the dead leaves
And I will tell you
They nourish the sore earth.
You shall ask
What reason is there for winter
And I will tell you
To bring about new leaves.
You shall ask
Why are the leaves so green
And I will tell you
Because they are rich with life.
You shall ask
Why must summer end
And I will tell you
So that the leaves can die.

* I started to write “giving” then thought I should say “setting”, but you know what? Being given a challenge feels much nicer than being set one.

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2 Responses to A November diversion

  1. lovely idea, look forward to seeing what you post.

  2. What a lovely idea! Know exactly what you mean, i get sick and tired of the way my illness effects everything. Looking forward to reaping the rewards of you getting into a blog gratitude habit 🙂

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