October marigold

October marigoldThis late marigold growing in a crack in the slab of concrete that passes for a patio in my garden has been cheering me all week as I deal with everyday life and ponder my ability audit.

I like the fact that it has grown into a sturdy little plant despite its less than ideal home. I like that it is flowering out of season, long after its cousins in roomier quarters have gone to seed. And I love the fact that in the cooler the weather of autumn it has lasted longer than the summer bloomers.

I hope the seeds will have time to set and ripen so I can harvest them to grow next year. I’ll put them in a special pot to remind myself of their parent and the tenacity of seeds that grow into beautiful plants wherever they find themselves.

And the ability audit? It’s coming along. There’s a lot to ponder in a 30-year working life that started with baby-sitting as a teenager, then meandered via various short-term jobs in hospitality and retail into my first “proper job” in the Civil Service. My next step was a stint in of one of the UK’s first call centres from whence I stumbled into my career in IT (or Data Processing as it was called when I did my training!).

Since I left IT I’ve worked as a part-time PA, done a bit of selling on eBay and tried my hand at making crafts to sell. Lots of variety and very little planning! Some very successful ventures and some not so good…

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