Artist’s Date!

Pepito exhibition

Yesterday I badly needed some time out from the frustrations of life, so I took myself off to the museum to see an exhibition of works by Pepito Collage. As you can see I had the gallery to myself, so I was able to enjoy the intriguing and meticulously executed collages in peace. Sometimes it’s nice to chat to other visitors about an exhibition, but it’s also lovely to be completely alone with the work.

It was a perfect sunny autumn day and so good to be out and about instead of resting like I usually do after lunch. I felt like a naughty truant! Though a careful one – I had a rest before lunch to avoid burn-out. Not only was the weather perfect for an outing, but the parking gods were kind and provided a space for me in the 2hrs free zone just round the corner from the museum.

Artist’s Dates are one of the basic concepts of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way creativity course. I don’t follow The Artist’s Way meticulously, but I do make use of some of the tools from time to time. If I need an excuse to do something just for fun I call it an Artist’s Date. Hopefully one day I won’t need an excuse/reason/permission to enjoy myself!

Pepito 2

The Pepito Collage exhibition is at Worthing Museum until 28th September (10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday). It’s well worth a visit if you are in the area. If you can’t get to the Worthing exhibition, there are some images on Flickr or maybe you could persuade one of your local galleries to host it.

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