Slow going

As the nights get longer and cooler I’m beginning to sleep a little better and to feel a bit less strung out – hurrah! Energy levels are still low though, so I’m being cautious about increasing my level of activity and getting lots of rest.

This month my energy is mostly being used for medical appointments and heavy duty domestic chores such as defrosting the freezer, buying a new printer, the autumn garden clear-up, sorting out winter clothes and getting the car MOT done. Plus the never-ending decluttering!

Yesterday I had my first proper “Marigold day”* for ages. I went for a walk on the beach, took some photographs and spent ages playing around with them on the computer before posting one on my photoblog. Later I did some writing and updated my Small Stones page.

By the end of the month I aim to have a steady(ish!) routine going which includes regular art work and lots more writing as well as keeping on top of the domestic necessities. With that structure in place to keep things ticking over I’ll be able to use my spare energy for a few trips out of town during October.

*A day off from routine with no particular plans (see the days off category for more info).

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