Getting back into the groove

I think (hope!) that yesterday was summer’s final fling weather-wise. It was as hot as Hades (again) and exhausting. Today it’s cool, grey and wet. A very welcome change for my poor body which really has had enough of being overheated, unrested and battered by the racket made by people who enjoy hot weather.

So, what are my plans for this autumn? When I was well and working I always took my “summer” holiday in September or October and I’m going to do the same this year. Although I did very little this August, it didn’t feel in the least bit like a holiday. This month will mostly be about getting back into as much routine as I can manage and dealing with various bits of life-admin. Then I intend to devote as much of October as possible to the pursuit of pleasure.

I’m pleased that I carried on making weekly plans for myself throughout August, thus maintaining one piece of the strategy I started earlier in the year. I lost quite a lot of the momentum I’d built up, but I didn’t completely abandon planning in the face of challenges outside my control. That’s progress!

Regular Days Off (Marigold Days) did go by the wayside during August, as did creative practice and meditation, but I’ve started to pick up the threads again this week. As well as keeping on with those foundation activities I want to mull over the positives that came out of my August experiences (yes, there were some!) during the coming weeks. I need to choose my bigger goals for the next few years and start to plan a strategy for achieving them.

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