And breathe…

Today is much the same as yesterday. The weather is dry and (mostly) sunny, lawnmowers are droning, and I am knackered from yet another restless night. But it’s now September not August and I feel immensely uplifted by that small difference.

Summer and I have never got on well – I’m a Northern type unsuited to hot weather. July and August have been particularly irksome this year due to the heat which has kept me sleepless and housebound for days on end. I thought I was coping reasonably well with it, but when I let out a huge sigh as I changed the month on my perpetual calendar this morning, I realised that I have been holding in even more tension than I was aware of.

Nothing has really changed except the date, but seeing September on the calendar instead of August cheers me no end. My physical health isn’t going to improve miraculously overnight, but psychologically I already feel better and cooler nights should mean more sleep which will boost my energy levels. My favourite season is just beginning…

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