Looking back and forward

I’ve had a bad week health-wise and quite frankly it’s becoming difficult to drag my spirits up off the ground. Maybe I should just leave them there to get acquainted with the ants and worms. Perhaps I’d discover some interesting things.

Looking back to when I first moved here seven and a half years ago it’s frightening how much my health has deteriorated, how much more restricted my life is. And I thought things were pretty grim then.

Things are better in some ways than this time last year, but the trend is relentlessly downwards and the future looks very scary at times. I’ve still got a few options open to me, but I’m too bloody knackered to make decisions.

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2 Responses to Looking back and forward

  1. I hear ya honey 😦 sending lots of (((hugs))) and spoons. Im in a similar place (they say misery loves company?) – and those damn hormones don’t help do they? Wish i had a magic wand, boy the good i could do…hope you manage to have a run of good sleep and feel brighter soon. X
    I have to fill the horrid Atos form in (came on friday) listing all the things i can no longer do is really NOT what i need right now. Meh.
    Oh well, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who so thats something 😉

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