Drawing lessons

green teapot 1
At first I thought that the combination of doing a course and very hot weather was a bad thing, but I’ve been glad to have Michael’s daily drawing challenges arriving in my inbox. They have provided an excellent distraction from the tedium of being stuck indoors avoiding the heat.

Sharing my images was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but it’s good to get feedback and to be inspired by other people’s interpretations of the same subject. I’m not sure whether my drawing technique is improving much, but my confidence is growing and I’m enjoying myself.

Michael advises using a timer to draw for 20 minutes. I’ve noticed that I find it much easier to lose myself in the drawing process when I know the timer will stop me before I get too tired. Until the bell rings I don’t have to focus energy or attention on anything other than drawing. Often we dream of having unlimited time in which to immerse ourselves in creativity, so it’s been interesting to observe that it’s possible to get into a state of flow in a short space of time.

Less happily I’ve once again been confronted by my tendency to rush at things. I find it difficult to draw a straight line, but I’m beginning to realise that success is more likely if I move my pen slowly slowly rather than trying to sweep it across the page with a flourish. I suspect that I need to slow down other activities as well.

With limited energy available it’s tempting to rush about trying to cram in as much as possible before I need to rest again, but maybe if I moved more slowly I’d actually achieve more… If only I could break myself of the habit of running up and downstairs!

paint boxAlthough I expected to do only line drawings during the course, I’ve been inspired by others to add a bit of colour here and there. So far the exercise I enjoyed most was drawing my teapot which I coloured using a paints I’ve had since I was at school! I will definitely be adding colour to some of my drawings in future. And perhaps thinking of ways to add more colour to my life in general.

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8 Responses to Drawing lessons

  1. Love the teapot. Running up and down stairs!! I wonder if you could sing a slowing down song to yourself, one line per step. My main issue, apart from overestimating what I achieve, is trying to do several things at once. Being mindful is the only way so far I have found to interrupt that.

    I was at a creative networking event the other week and there was so much energy in the room it was tiring! Someone was talking about how important/good it was to get projects implemented fast. I just wanted to shout ‘Nooooo!’ I think maybe I am changing 🙂

    Oh my, I just tried to post this comment (thankfully I’d copied it, just in case) and your site told me I was posting comments too fast and to slow down!!!

    • Thanks Alison. This last week I’ve come to a stop a lot of the time. It’s ironic how slowly I learn some things – like the the fact that I need to move more slowly! And that all activity, enjoyable or not, uses energy. In fact unpleasant things are less likely to lead to a crash than pleasant things, because I’m less inclined to over do them… Much food for thought 🙂

    • Too fast slow down – thats priceless! 😀

  2. I’ve really been enjoying your drawings on Pinterest! I had to laugh after reading this because I just realized that my colored pencil set is from some time around 1989. 🙂

  3. Tamara Epps says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the course. I totally get what you mean about finding ourselves trying to fit in everything before we need to rest again, it’s something I am working on myself. The worst is because I know I can only go out about once a week, I try to cram everything into that one outing. Of course, if I could learn to do a little each time, I might find I can go out more often – it’s just so hard to keep the discipline of slow though. Hopefully both of us can knock this habit and start slowing down (and a bit of colour never hurt anyone).

    • Hmmm, its rather amazing how much we all have in common. Trying to cram lots in when we’re lucky enough to escape the house, finding busy situations tiring, being unable to multitask any more because it eats up energy like a kettle…i read what you guys say and little light bulbs go off in my head. I do hope my subconscious is absorbing all this and will help me to learn how to live better…
      Cant have too much colour! (Well, you can – yellow for example is too stimulating and shouldn’t be a bedroom colour) fascinating subject – really cheers me up, hope it can help you too. X

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