Packet of flowersAs the hot weather continues I’ve been reflecting on some of the things I’m learning from it. Firstly that, at long last, I seem to have grasped that there’s no point in fighting what you can’t change. I can’t change either the weather OR the fact that I don’t function well when it’s hot.

Getting angry about the heat won’t alter it and trying to force myself to carry on as normal just makes me ill. So, the only sensible thing is to “give in” to it. Accept that plans have to be laid aside and that I’ll need extra daytime rest to compensate for restless nights. I do the essential chores during the coolest parts of the day.

I’ve gone even further and “given in” to using a supermarket delivery service to save myself the stress of doing a very early or late shopping trip when I’m exhausted. Apart from when I was first too ill to work I’ve clung onto going to the supermarket as a sign of “normality”. No more! I’m going to join the people for whom shopping online is normal.

So my second lesson is about using my time more effectively. If I only have the energy to go out two or three times a week why waste one excursion on buying groceries when I can have them delivered? I’ll continue the online shopping for a while and see what emerges to fill the time saved.

My third observation is that it’s easier in some ways to cope with with a prolonged period of hot weather than the more usual random hot days of what we Brits call summer. I’ve got a fairly workable routine now and I’m quite proud of the fact that (so far!) I have avoided being horribly ill due to over-exertion. There might be a longer term lesson in that too…

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4 Responses to Adapting

  1. Glad you’re coping! Congratulations on your supermarket decision. If deliveries ever arrive here in rural Wales I shall be the first in the queue (or rather not in the queue!) 🙂

    • Thanks Michael! The deliveries have been a real blessing – hope you get the chance to experience the joy soon 🙂

      • Heartily agree Marigold – especially due to all my darn food sensitivities/allergies itd be unmanageable without online deliveries – of all kinds, not just food. If you have a limited number of spoons – do you really want to use them food shopping? (Or housework for that matter, but finding a good cleaner, like a good gardener is so hard. Meh.)
        Super proud of how you’re coping – I’m doing my best to be a good student (of you both.)

        PS – Ive found an excellent online health food supermarket place that even deliver chilled items (they’d deliver to you too Michael) which is fab for gluten free, dairy free, tea, you name it. Plus the service is excellent and deliveries are prompt.
        No i’m not on commision 😉
        Theres £10 off a spend over £35 till the end of august at the moment.

      • Thanks Sand! Goodness Direct looks like a useful resource – I’ll have a browse later 🙂

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