Fruity Harvest

From July 5, 2011

raspberries‘Tis the season of pudding eaten fresh from the garden – in other words, the raspberries are ripening! Later in the season when they are much more prolific I’ll start squirreling some away into the freezer, but for now I just savour the seasonal pleasure of wandering across the lawn to see if there are any ready to eat.

Loganberries are nearly over now. I find it quite hard to judge the point at which they are perfectly ripe – one day early and they are unpleasantly sharp, one day late and they go kind of soggy and watery. Mostly I freeze the loganberries to add a bit of interest to to stewed apples in the winter, picking a few each day as they ripen. Naturally I have to eat some of them as I go to check for ripeness.

Blackcurrants also mostly go in the freezer for winter treats, though I have used a couple of handfuls to tart up banana loaves. The sharpness of the blackcurrants offsets the sweetness of the bananas very nicely and it makes a change from lemon rind and juice.

J’s apple tree seems to have quite a good crop again this year, which is a nice surprise as I thought it might be due for a rest year. Other people are reporting poor performance from their apple trees, so it’s a bonus to be able to anticipate home-grown apples to go with the blackberries that are just beginning to set fruit at the bottom of the garden.


The summer pleasure of harvesting fruit from my garden is later this year. The raspberries have only just started to ripen and I’ve had no loganberries at all so far, though a few fruit have formed in the last week or so. Blackcurrants are coming along fast since the weather warmed up and there are lots of them. I’ll be freezing them to add to pudding as make cordial throughout the winter.

There are many tiny apples on the tree, so here’s hoping that they are able to grow to maturity despite what looks like being a long dry spell. I had the brambles cleared from the bottom of the garden this spring, but hopefully there will be plenty to find in the hedgerows.

I also have strawberries and a fig tree in the garden now, so there’s even more of a fruity harvest to enjoy. Berries are the best kind of fruit for the low-carb diet I’m following and they are easy to grow and manage for a low-energy person. Win win!

Note to self: You won’t save time and energy by recycling old posts if you double the word count with an update!

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