Summer rules

I’m enjoying the drawing course, which is nice because I’m not enjoying much else at the moment. The continuing heat and consequent lack of restful rest has stretched my coping abilities to breaking point. So it’s time to retreat to “essentials only” for a while.

I’m giving myself permission to amend my current goal of posting on here twice a week to “when I feel like it, if I feel like it” until the end of August. I might recycle some posts from my previous blog to keep the momentum going, but only if I feel like it.

If you are are a sun-worshipper enjoy the heat and make the most of it. If, like me, you wilt in hot weather relax, keep as cool as possible and remember it won’t last long!

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2 Responses to Summer rules

  1. I hope the time off is helpful for you. Extremes of temperature in either direction seem to affect a lot of people with ME and, as you know from our Twitter chat the other day, I’m in a similar position to you at the moment. I’ve never coped well with the heat and I’m really not looking forward to the coming weekend as temperatures here are set to reach 32C.

    One thing I did notice earlier this week was that when things cooled off just a little (and there was a nice strong breeze) I was able to go to my yoga class and I realised that the enforced rest of the previous few days seemed to have paid off. I was feeling pretty good so it was encouraging to know that the frustration of not being able to do very much was sort of worth it in a way.

    I guess that if those of us who get very uncomfortable in hot weather are able to hide from it as much as possible and can actually get some sleep then it might actually provide us with a useful recharging period. Fingers crossed and take care :).

    • Hi CM, Hope it’s not as hot as forecast in your neck of the woods today. It’s cooler here than I was expecting and with a nice breeze which makes things more comfortable. I have noticed in the past that, like you, I have more energy after an enforced rest during hot weather. Maybe there’s a lesson to learn there for cooler times too đŸ™‚ .

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