Hot weather

Things are going OK. I’ve done everything I needed to do this week and dealt with a inconveniently timed plumbing emergency. I’ve even done a few small drawings, limbering up for the Drawing Your Life course. Business card sketches will go on the back burner while I do the course, but when I get back to them I plan to focus on drawing seed pods to create a themed and seasonal set.

So am I on an even keel again? Probably not, but I feel more on top of things than I did a week ago. I had an rare and lovely good sleep last night, but it’s not enough to compensate for my more usual insomnia. Most of the time my tired brain feels too stupid to string words together for anything longer than a tweet or text. I have lots of ideas for posts, but few are even making it to the notes stage, let alone completion.

The weather has turned very hot this weekend and I need to change my routines to cope with it. As a fair-skinned red-head summer has never been my favorite season and since I’ve been ill it has been nightmarish at times. Still, I have learnt that it’s not worth getting angry about what I can’t alter or trying to carry on regardless.

While it’s hot I must slow down even more, get the best rest I can when I can even if I don’t sleep much and enjoy the aspects of summer that I do like. Iced drinks, salad meals, cool evenings and early mornings, berries fresh from the garden, summer flowers and the thought of autumn…

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