Looking back to the end of May I see I wrote this:

My challenge for June is to drop 4lb in weight on a low-carb diet and to continue with the strategies for rest that I started this month (meditation and days off). I’m not going to set any other specific goals for posting or anything else, so I don’t end up pressured and overwhelmed. Slow and steady gets you up the mountain. Eventually.

Ironically, despite my best endeavours, I ended the month feeling totally pressured and overwhelmed. Still I suppose I can take comfort from the fact that it was mainly due to unpredicted circumstances. I did keep to the strategy as best I could, but as I said in my last post, it’s not yet robust enough to withstand several blows in a short space of time.

Perhaps I would have felt even worse if I hadn’t started the low-carb regime. My energy levels have been somewhat better, but my weight (adjusted after my health check when I was weighed on scales more accurate than my own) hasn’t changed. Possibly (hopefully!) due to menstrual bloat.

I lied a bit about not setting any specific goals for posting because I did set myself small private goals each week. Which I fulfilled until things went pear-shaped last week…

My challenges for July are to get back on an even keel, stick to the low-carbing and to enjoy the Drawing Our Lives course which starts on Sunday 7th. And I’m not going to make any predictions as to how I’ll feel at the end of the month!

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