Good week or bad?

If I look at the past week or two objectively and compassionately I’ve coped pretty well with a number of unexpected challenges. But coping with those challenges (even the lovely one of having a visit from my brother on Wednesday) has taken all my available energy and used up a lot of my emergency resources. I’ve made no progress with my greater goals and I’m not keeping up with day-to-day stuff.

Now I’m faced with what feels like the loss of all the ground I’ve gained over the past couple of months and the necessity of spending at least the next week regrouping before I can start to make progress again. Emotionally I feel battered and low. Angry that my body has let me down (again), weary at the thought of all that has to be done and a little afraid of what might happen if life chucks any more additional challenges at me before I’ve caught up on admin, restocked my food stores and RESTED.

I’m trying to keep fixed commitments to a minimum to facilitate a Day Off approach to life, but next week I have four appointments booked. Changing any of them will cause as much inconvenience as keeping them, so I’m not going to think about my greater goals this week. Just get on with what needs to be done and rest a lot in between.

On the plus side, I’m mightily relieved that Michael Nobbs has put back the start date of the Drawing Our Lives course which was originally due to start tomorrow! Hopefully by this time next week I’ll feel a lot better prepared for that chosen challenge!

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4 Responses to Good week or bad?

    • Thanks Alison 🙂 . I feel better now I have a plan for dealing with the necessities next week and have accepted that I probably won’t have much energy to spare for creative endeavours. Hopefully by keeping my expectations very low I will end up exceeding them!

  1. Sending you lots of good thoughts for your appointment filled week.

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