Every Day Off?

I had another stinking migraine on Saturday. Probable cause: spending too long writing stuff on Friday. I’d reached that point where was less mentally stressful to JFDI than to leave things another day in the interests of my physical health.

The price I paid for my endeavours was a day and a half of pain and gloom. So far I’ve had little or no response to anything I wrote, which suggests that none of it was important or urgent as my demons insisted on Friday. Except it WAS important to me. I’d decided those things had to be done and my tolerance for delaying them was finished.

It may be that I was brewing a migraine anyway and that was what induced the sense of urgency. I noticed many years ago that my migraines were often preceded by a day or two of euphoria and manic activity before I “fell off the cliff”. My migraines aren’t as clear cut these days as they used to be, but even when I realise that I’m in over-drive mode it’s nigh-on impossible to slow down enough to prevent a crash.

In today’s podcast (available to subscribers) Michael Nobbs talks about treating every day like a Day Off – allowing events to unfold rather than working to a schedule. This chimed with my growing insight (thank you to Alison for that phrase) that I should aim to treat every day as a Day Off – maybe that way I can get rid of the boom and bust cycle for good.

This week is going to be different to my usual routine because on Wednesday my brother is coming to visit me after dropping a friend off at Gatwick Airport. It’ll be lovely to have company for the day, but I know I’ll need to rest before and after, so I’ve postponed other things I had planned for this week until next. I’ve got a handful of things that I need to do sometime, but I’m going to see if I can indeed approach the whole week in a “Day Off” frame of mind.

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2 Responses to Every Day Off?

  1. One of my old bosses got terrible migraines and he used to turn manic just before it properly hit. It was very noticeable.

    I got all hyped up on Tuesday. A mix of worry, chat and caffeine. Thankfully a massage I had booked brought me back down. So am thinking maybe when I get into my hyper states I need to go and have a bath, regardless of what else I think I should be doing.

    Oh and if the writing was your blog,Feedly was hiding your posts so I for one hadn’t seen them. Also, I don’t always comment but will still enjoy/be interested in what is written. Though I also take the view with my own writing that it is firstly for me.

    • Interesting to hear that other people get manic before a migraine too! Glad your massage steadied you on Tuesday. I might try having a bath when I sense I’m getting hyper (IF I sense it in time!). The writing was various things – forum catch-ups, emails, blog – none of it actually urgent or even essential, except in my addled mind!

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