Good news on the car front – the problem is only that some rubber mounting thingys that hold the gear stick in position have perished and need replacing. My neighbour has the matter in hand, though it might take a while getting the parts for my ancient Micra.

I’m not too bothered about being carless this week – it’s too bloody hot to sit in an un-airconditioned vehicle anyway! And I’m very relieved that it’s not a hideously expensive repair.

Sunday’s Day Off creativity has carried on through the week, I’ve been collaging and drawing in spare moments. Not producing anything awesome, but I’m enjoying doing little experiments on the back of old business cards (kindly supplied by Alison of Growing Insights).

Tomorrow won’t to be a complete Day Off as I have a couple of things planned that can’t be deferred, but by lunchtime the day will be mine to spend however I please. Interestingly today I don’t feel as though I NEED a day off, but perhaps that’s one of the benefits of taking regular time out…

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