Downs and ups and downs

On Saturday I had the vilest migraine I’ve had in some time, a real “please shoot me now” job. Thankfully it abated by the evening leaving me with the sense of having been drama-queenish about the morning’s misery. But that is migraine (at least as I experience it) – it comes and goes in mysterious ways. I can feel suicidal at lunchtime and wondering what the fuss was about by tea-time.

So much for Saturday. I didn’t get much done. But I decided to have my scheduled Day Off on Sunday anyway so as not to slip back into only taking breaks when I’m too ill to do anything else.

I had a pleasant day puttering around. I went out to buy a Sunday paper (it’s a rare luxury to buy a print edition these days) and cooked a proper Sunday roast. In between reading, eating and resting I did a bit of collage. Tearing bits out of a mail order catalogue and arranging them to fit on the back of a business card. I’ve loved “cutting and sticking” ever since I was first allowed to wield a pair of blunt-nosed scissors and a bottle of Gloy.

While I was fiddling with my little bits of paper it, occurred to me that for the working artist a Day Off might be a day for doing art or some other creative activity they don’t usually have time for. Something purely for pleasure, not in any way connect to their “business” art. Time to pursue an idea that has been sitting in the “one day” folder at the back of their mind… As long as it’s not a planned project – on a proper Day Off you don’t decide what to do in advance.

Today was supposed to be back to getting on with things, starting with my health check up first thing this morning. The good news on that front is that my risk of getting a cardio-vascular disorder in the next 10 years is deemed to be 6.4%. Which seems low enough not to worry about too much. More good news is that my scales are wrong and I’m not carrying as much poundage as I thought. Instant weight loss!

The bad news, which I was expecting, is that I’m too fat round the waist and my blood sugar level was too high, so I’ve got to have fasting glucose test next week. Not too terrible really as it’s a measurable, manageable and understood problem, unlike other aspects of my health.

The bad news I wasn’t expecting is that my car is borked. I had trouble getting it into reverse as I was leaving for the surgery, which I put down to clumsiness, but I soon found I couldn’t get it into any gear except first. I parked and walked the rest of the way to the surgery – it’s not a vast distance, but not good for me to do in a rush.

So as well as everything I had planned to do this week (except going out to meet a friend this afternoon, which was impossible with no car) I’ve got to arrange getting the car fixed. And deal with the inconvenience of being car-less for an unknown period of time. Quite frankly I feel utterly pissed off about it.

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