Day off thoughts

My first day off Sunday was a bit of a disaster as I spent most of it in bed nursing a stonking migraine. But I did enjoy anticipating it on Saturday, which was interesting and unexpected. As I went about my chores on Saturday I was aware at the back of my mind that tomorrow I wouldn’t “have” to do anything except what I felt like doing.

With that awareness I felt less pressured by my to-do list and less resentful about not having time on Saturday to read the paper or do some drawing or whatever. It was annoying being ill, but at least I had the pleasure of anticipation and still got a sense that having designated days off is a good idea.

The idea of days off when I don’t have a paid job still feels a bit weird to me, but I think it might well be a useful shift in perspective. My illness is always going to be there whatever day of the week it is, but “days off” when I don’t worry about all the chores I’m not keeping up with could be a form of respite. Time will tell.

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