“Post every day in May” challenge completed

I should be feeling all pleased with myself for fulfilling a goal, but I don’t. I just feel exhausted at the thought of all the things I still need to do before I’ve got any hope of earning my living again. My feelings are probably affected by the fact that I feel thoroughly unwell today. Yesterday I gave in (big time) to a craving for carbs and now have a yukky “hangover” – a symptom that is only too familiar to the many people with ME who have food intolerances.

I’m not going to waste energy wondering why I didn’t stop at one slice of (gluten free) bread, but I am going to take note of the harsh reminder that I do better on a low-carb diet. I’ve been lazy about what I eat lately – going too often for the quick and easy option, having too many treats and not enough veggies. I think my next challenge had better be to improve my diet and start losing the poundage I gained over the winter.

Eating better should improve my energy levels too, so it’s worth the effort for that alone. It’s easier to eat well in warmer weather – I’m happy to eat salad and something (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds, pulses) for most meals. Food prep is easy and there’s not much washing up to do afterwards either. Wins all round!

My challenge for June is to drop 4lb in weight on a low-carb diet and to continue with the strategies for rest that I started this month (meditation and days off). I’m not going to set any other specific goals for posting or anything else, so I don’t end up pressured and overwhelmed. Slow and steady gets you up the mountain. Eventually.

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3 Responses to “Post every day in May” challenge completed

  1. Aargh, just left a long reply and it didn’t save!! short version is, I’ve realised when I go for the food that I know will do me harm, this is a form of self-harm, and actually what I really need is physical comfort, e.g. a bath, hot water bottle, etc….

    Feedly has been hiding your blog from me, so just catching up.

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