Bank holiday Monday

If I hadn’t made the “post every day in May” commitment to myself I’d be able to have a day off today. Still, with the end of the month and the challenge in sight, I think it’s been a worthwhile exercise even though it’s been a pain in the arse some days. It’s made me really think about how I use my time, how I look after myself and what needs to change.

It’s early days yet, but some of the small adjustments I’ve made are helping. I did four mediation sessions last week, I’ve kept my desk more or less clear and I’m resting more. The better weather helps a lot – I don’t like really hot weather, but it’s been just right for me lately.

I’m spending as much time as possible in the garden, just sitting and looking. There’s lots to see – young sparrows learning the finer arts of flying as they visit the feeders, a bee laboriously making a nest in a hole in the wall of the house, daisies shining in the uncut lawn, the leaves of the fig tree unfurling and apple blossom drifting gently to the ground.

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