First draft of my goals for the coming year:

  1. Create a sustainable means of generating a comfortable income. Everything else I do is really a subset of this goal. I have been pondering how to do this (and trying various things) since I had to give up my job due to my failing health. I STILL don’t know how I’m going to do it with the limited resources at my disposal, but I want to believe that it’s possible.
  2. Learn what I need to know to self-host a WordPress blog and set one up. Whatever I do to earn a living is likely to be web-based, so this will both satisfy my enjoyment of doing techie stuff and create me a website.
  3. Refresh my wardrobe. I’ve never much liked clothes shopping and I like it even less now I’m older, fatter and (relatively) skint, but I think it would do me good to replace the tired old, same old stuff I’ve been wearing for years. I’m thinking in terms of refreshing my wardrobe rather than buy new clothes, because hopefully I’ll be making some things from fabric I already own, altering or dyeing old clothes and finding nice things in charity shops as well as buying a few new things.
  4. Acquire an iPhone and iPad. I have a MacBook, so it makes sense to stay with the same platform, though the thought of the cost is wince-inducing. My old secondhand unsmart phone still works, so getting a new phone isn’t urgent. An iPad is a want, not a need, so not a high priority goal.
  5. Regain confidence in my skills and abilities. Maybe I can’t practise or sell them in the same way I used to, but hopefully they aren’t totally atrophied by lack of use. Some technical skills are obviously out of date and too unused to be of value, but I still have the underlying abilities.
  6. Improve my health. I’ll be focusing mainly on my mental health as I’m not sure there’s much scope for improving my physical health unless getting through the menopause makes a significant difference. I’m a few pounds over my preferred weight, so dropping them will be a good way to start.
  7. Do more face to face socialising/networking. I find socialising very tiring, but it’s also very uplifting to the saggy old spirits. There are loads of drop-in art and craft groups locally, so I just need to get my arse in gear and try some of them out.
  8. Continue to develop my artistic/creative practise – mainly photography, drawing and collage.
  9. Enjoy doing all of the above!

I have £1k of savings to put towards achieving these goals, so I’m going to have to be very creative about the ones that involve spending money. And keep entering “win an iPad” competitions…

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