I was struck yesterday by how embarrassed I felt at having yet another migraine this week. I was tempted to do a quick edit of a draft post and not mention how I was feeling. I decided not to for two reasons:

1. If this blog is to be useful to me as a record of progress I need to be able to look back and see how things actually were. Otherwise I won’t know that two migraines a week is an improvement!

2. A long habit of ignoring how I really feel is probably at least part the reason of why my health is so crocked. I used to be proud of my ability to face down excruciating pain and function on next to no sleep – this was a coping strategy that backfired on me big time.

I’ll explore this issue in greater depth another time. I’ve declared the weekend a holiday and I have a jigsaw to do.

P.S. Sadly I didn’t sleep any better last night, but my dreams were unmemorable, so I suppose that’s progress.

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