Mid-month review

I feel a lot better today, although I didn’t sleep particularly well last night. The sheer bloody randomness of good and bad days drives me nuts at times. Despite my best efforts I can never be sure whether I’ll be reasonably well or horribly ill the next day. It makes planning difficult to say the least.

Anyway, that’s not what I want to write about today. After reading Daydream Believer’s post on the subject the other day, I’ve been pondering the pros and cons of “every day” commitments. On the one hand I know that they don’t suit either my health or my temperament, but there’s no doubt that making a commitment and sticking to it gets things done.

At the moment, the plus side of my “write every day in May” challenge is that it HAS got me writing again. On the downside though, having started writing again I want to write all the time. My mind is teeming with thoughts and ideas, making links between this and that. I want to explore and express a dozen different things. My howilivewithme Scrivener projects binder is bursting with notes for possible blog posts.

Which is WONDERFUL. And also depressing, because I can’t physically type for very long (my hands and arms are hurting quite badly from what I’ve done so far) and there are other things I need, must and want to do.

So, back to strategy and planning… My go-to resource for living a creative life with health constraints is Sustainably Creative by Michael Nobbs. In today’s podcast Michael talks about using a timer to stop himself from doing too much. As is so often the case, the message seemed perfect for where I am at the moment.

Having said that, I wrote most of this when I should have been having my after-lunch rest and I’ve spent far more than 20 minutes on it! Enough for today then. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try setting my timer and stopping when it pings.

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