Word play

I’m not keen on making plans these days. Even the smallest of regular or time-specific commitments can be scuppered by my unreliable health. Which is depressing and erodes my confidence a little bit more each time.

But there are things I want to have and do, and I suspect they aren’t going to happen without a plan of some sort. Or a strategy. Which basically means the same as a plan, but somehow sounds more flexible, less daunting.

I find it interesting the way certain words can acquire an emotional charge which gets in our way when we use them. Sometimes just using a different word for the same thing changes your whole perspective on a situation.

To me a PLAN sounds fixed, rigid, imposed, and invokes anxiety, stress and fear of failure. Whereas a STRATEGY speaks of ideas, possibility, flexibility, options and allows me to relax.

Other people will react quite differently to the same words, but for me right now, I feel better about the thought of setting myself some goals for the coming year if I think about outlining a strategy for achieving them rather than a making a plan.

Next task: Make a list of goals. I think I’ll start with a wish-list which can be as fanciful as I like. Then whittle it down to something I feel comfortable with. I think I need the goals before I define the starting point from which I measure my progress, but we’ll see – it’s just a strategy, not a plan 😉

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One Response to Word play

  1. Yup, strategy is normally the high-level stuff.

    I’ve started doing a – having decided to no longer do ‘to do lists’ – a ‘Today I would like to…’ list. Clearly if there are any absolute must do’s, like making sure I’ve got money in my bank account, then that’s another thing, but I count those as separate though needing to be factored into time and energy levels. I don’t put more than a few things on the like to list. I notice I feel anxious about it but the reality is even with only a few things I don’t get them all done. Oh, and I decided not to say ‘I would like to achieve…’ because that feeds unhelpful patterns for me.

    Language is powerful.

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