Heading where? And how?

I decided to leave the default header image for now because a) I like it and b) although the walker looks male and I am female, the image feels representative of where I am right now in some ways. Travelling a long shaded road, the immediate future a bit dark, out of sight and up hill.

But I’ve covered some distance, the landscape is cultivated and beautiful, there is light around and ahead of me (dewy morning sunlight, if I’m not mistaken), and who knows what possibilities lie around the curve in the lane or what vistas will be visible from the higher ground?

It’s just imagery though. In real life I can’t take long walks any more – 30-40 minutes on my feet is my limit on a good day. I can do more, if I’m feeling bloody-minded or there’s no alternative, but I pay for it later in pain and fatigue. I miss long walks in beautiful countryside. I miss long walks full stop. I miss being able to walk without thinking, without evaluating the possible consequences.

I also miss having a planned future that I can rely on. I hope that what lies ahead is good and that I can keep going, but on my dark days when I’m more or less bed-bound I do have my doubts. Still, perhaps around that curve ahead I’ll meet someone with transport who has room to carry me along too. A donkey cart or a Porsche? Maybe even a choice of vehicles? There’s no need to limit my imagination…

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