Better today

The weather is bright, fresh and blustery. Me too, though without the bluster! It was good to get out of the house this morning to do a bit of shopping and visit the library. Then my neighbour came round with a splendid spring cabbage from her garden for me and we discussed food-growing plans over a cup of tea.

Now I’m able to do more than the basic necessities, I have the problem of deciding what to choose from my very extensive lists of things I’d like to do and things that I must do, but aren’t (yet) urgent. I often find it hard to pick up the threads again after a bad patch.

I’m aware that words aren’t flowing easily at the moment, so I’ll take that as a signal to get on with things that don’t require much thought-power. Or perhaps a different kind of thought? Maybe I need to focus my energies on images rather than words. More drawing perhaps? Or shall I get my collage materials out again?

First, some food and a quick check to see what I must do before the weekend, then the evening is mine to do with as I choose.

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