On the plus side

Yesterday I listed some of things I don’t have, so, in the interests of balance, here’s a short and random list of some of the things I DO have:

  • A very excellent brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.
  • Many fabulous friends, some old, some new, some I know in real life, some I’ve only met online, some whose real names I don’t know, some close by, some a long way away.
  • An inquisitive and active mind.
  • All my senses intact.
  • The internet. I bloody love the internet. And my MacBook and digital camera.
  • Membership of the utterly wonderful West Sussex library service.
  • A nice rented home and garden, in a pleasant coastal town. It’s a bit tame here, but I do like living near the sea.
  • The companionship of a sweet soppy (and occasionally infuriating) cat.
  • Friendly (and occasionally infuriating) neighbours of all ages from toddlers to octogenarians.
  • Enough money for my present needs and a few non-essentials.
  • A small cheap-to-run car kindly given to me by an old friend who inherited it when his aunt died.
  • A greater awareness of what really matters in life.
  • Life itself – it may not be the life I hoped for when I was 28, but I still have one, which sadly some of my friends do not.
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