Early start

Today began too early for me. I left the bathroom fanlight open wide last night and at a quarter past six my cat jumped through it, sending the two plant pots on the windowsill flying. I was just drifting back to sleep after waking from an exhausting dream that involved riding a moped to Devon and back in one day. I hate being startled out of sleep, my trigger-happy nervous system over-reacts and it takes ages to settle down again.

Having got up to rescue the plants as best I could, there wasn’t much point in going back to bed as I needed to go to the supermarket and I wanted to get that done early in the day. Although I didn’t choose it, I did enjoy that quiet early hour sitting at my kitchen table watching the birds busy in the garden while I ate my own breakfast.

But now the rude awakening and insufficient sleep is telling on me. Although I had an hour’s rest after lunch, I feel queasy with fatigue and utterly drained. A headache lurks behind my eyes and I would like to take to my bed for the rest of the day. I’ll keep my physical activity level to the bare minimum, but I still have to do the days basic chores of food preparation, plant watering and so on.

I also have to hoover up the remaining compost which is scattered the length and breadth of the bathroom. It seems that spilt compost is like spilt milk – far more comes out of the container than you can possibly imagine! A task like that is a triviality to a healthy person, but with ME/CFS it’s a major disruption to our carefully planned pacing.

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One Response to Early start

  1. I am realising that serious lack of sleep demands a duvet day. Otherwise I just end up getting worse.

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